E-scooters URBiS

Quickly, comfortably and economically through the city


10-12 km

Max speed

14 km/h

Charging time

3-4 h


7,5 kg

RRP incl. VAT

229 €

Avoid traffic and bus delays

E-scooter URBiS will take you anywhere on time.

No more troubles with parking

Do you need to travel to the busy city center? Park your car on the outskirts of the city, take out your e-scooter and comfortably ride to the meeting with your friends, the shop or your work, where you can easily fold your e-scooter and put it under your desk.

Think of the planet, go ECO

The scooter weights max. 20 kg and is suitable for riders up to 100 kg. That cannot be compared with any car. Another advantage is an electric drive, that does not emit any emissions into the air during the ride. E-scooters also do not need any parking spots. You can easily fold them and put them in the locker room or for example under your desk at work.

Spare parts

All spare parts are in our stock!

URBiS safely and stylishly

Get a complete gear before you go on a ride. Use an URBiS helmet or a very handy URBiS fanny pack with a direction indicator light with remote control on the handlebar. A wide range of spare parts will help you with routine maintenance or extension of service life.